Match Report
Radnor House Twickenham Girls-U16A vs  Middlesex Preliminary County Netball Tournament
On: Wednesday, 04 Oct 2023
Venue: Away

A little run through of this afternoon for parents. The first game the team faced St Benedict’s. A strong start meant we went into the half-time drawing. The girls were playing some excellent netball, confident in attack with releasing first time ball. A few errors in the second half meant the team went a centre pass down and the final score was 8-6 to St Benedicts. Not the win we wanted but a strong stake in the ground to how we can play, and we certainly had other teams nervous. The second match was against a very established North London Collegiate side who have a 6ft shooter! Despite this we kept the half-time score to 5-3, but they pulled away in the second half with the final score 15-3 to them. A tough result, but lessons learnt and good to play against the top level of the age group. Next up the team had Mill Hill School. Again, the team played terrifically, only one goal down at half time. Girls worked tirelessly to turn over the ball again and again, but we just couldn’t convert our possession to goal. Some poor pass choices and missed shots meant the final score was 5-3 to them. Despite this though again the Radnor Team did themselves proud and had plenty of opportunity to close out the game. The final match was against Park High School and on paper was a game we should easily win. The opposition didn’t have an umpire ready, which led to a shaky start and at half-time we found ourselves in the position of only being 1 goal up, in a game we thought we would easily close out. The second half just wasn’t our half. Again, we turned over ball, but uncharacteristically we just couldn’t create easy shooting chances and put pressure on ourselves. They on the other hand didn’t seem to miss a shot. The final whistle went just as they scored to take their team ahead for the first time in the game. We lost, and it was hard to take.

The one thing I hope the team has learnt today is just how close they are to competing at the top level in the County. They just need more experience and that’s it. Experience is hard to get, as like today it can come with some hard knocks, but it is through those challenges the team will learn and grow and reach their potential.

As a team they still have two major opportunities for their netball this term (as well as various other friendly matches). Firstly, next Wednesday is a cup game- leave at 2.00pm, back at 5.30pm. Miss Soliman-Beard will be in contact with the Year 10’s about this and how we can support them if they have permission to leave lessons. Year 11 should be able to all attend as it is in their games afternoon. Secondly, we have the ‘National Schools’ tournament which is at LEH on Sunday 19th November. Please make sure you daughter is free on this date, we will play all the teams we played today at this tournament, and it will be a real chance to show the improvements we can make. Also, don’t forget training is after school Tuesday’s 4-5.30pm.